Søren Thilo Funder

Søren Thilo Funder: Those Who Are Held
In Waiting
video, DVD put on pause.

Photo: Julie Galsbo og stillbillede.


"These prisoners [the detainees at Guantanamo Bay] are detained, indefinitely; they are not really called “prisoners” since then the rights pertaining to prisoners would come into play. They are “detainees,” those who are held in waiting, those for whom waiting may well be without end. To the extent that the state arranges for this pre-legal state as an “indefinite” one, it maintains that there will be those held by the government for whom the law does not apply, not only in the present, but for the indefinite future. In other words, there will be those for whom the protection of law is indefinitely postponed. The state, in the name of its right to protect itself and, hence, in the name of its sovereignty, extends its power in excess of the law; for if the detention is indefinite, then so, too, is the lawless exercise of state sovereignty. In this sense, indefinite detention provides the condition for the indefinite exercise of extra-legal state power."

(Judith Butler: Precarious Life

The surveillance footage of the first released interview with a detainee at Guantanamo Bay is displayed on a flatscreen. The detainee in the interview is Omar Khadr - a Canadian citizen and the youngest detainee to have been in Guantanamo.
The surveillance footage represents four camera angles of the same interview session, one camera angle showing only a black image due to the camera being switched off.
The video source is put on pause with the pause icon visible on the monitor. The moving image is suspended in a perpetual postponement.  

Text:Søren Thilo Funder