Johanna Tinzl / Stefan Flunger


Johanna Tinzl og Stefan Flunger: Jutro – Sutra, 2006.
75 x 100 cm. C-print.
Photo: Julie Galsbo.
Intervention in Strgačina, Bosnien und Herzegowina, 2006.


The word MORGEN is written in white angled letters well visible on a mountainside. »MORGEN« is
connected to the balkan saying »malo morgen« (a bit of tomorrow), that is used to detract from today to
a future that isn't further defined, a sometime.
»Malo morgen« is a germanism in those languages, consisting of the word »malo« (engl.: small, a bit)
and the german loan word »MORGEN«. In the german language »MORGEN« describes two different
temporal conditions at the same time. Translated into english it means »morning« as well as »tomorrow«.

Last but not least this writing pays our respect to the people from the small
village Strgačina, especially to Emin.

Text: Tinzl/Flunger